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Students describe the Experience of Learning English with us

Since I have been in touch with EYE!nglish, I am another person, my skill to learn, speak, think and live the English is awaken! I improved my speaking in a large way and this used to be my great difficulty… I already took many courses of English in great institutions (thanks for all the learning) but I felt like something was missing – I didn’t have the confidence to speak. But, this is the past! Nowadays I talk in English!!! This is a lot to me. I have been having these amazing classes since one year ago and finally I can say that I am very happy with the results. Thanks teacher Thiago and Aline for all the support, you are the best <3

Luana Britto

Pedagogist - University of Brasília/Brazil. Msc in Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Brasília/Brazil. Currently working with regulation and oversight in Brazilian civil aviation. / Curriculum Lattes

Conheci o EYE!nglish por meio da indicação de uma amiga, também professora da UnB. Eu já tinha feito alguns cursos de inglês em escolas, portanto tinha uma boa base, mas não era suficiente para o meu trabalho. Queria melhorar minha pronúncia, meus conhecimentos de gramática e minhas habilidades de conversação. Tentei aqueles cursos online que passam nas propagandas de TV, mas não gostei. o EYE!nglish foi uma excelente solução. O Professor Thiago é capaz de discutir e trabalhar com qualquer tema sobre o qual o aluno tenha interesse, sempre amparado em um material didático, mas também adicionando conteúdos e materiais atuais e instigantes de política, tecnologia, esportes, cultura, etc. As aulas são dinâmicas, com muitos recursos que ajudam o aluno a aprender. O Prof. Thiago é cuidadoso e paciente nas suas intervenções e correções. Além disso, as aulas sempre seguiram no meu ritmo e, como meus horários de trabalho são um pouco irregularidades, encontrei a flexibilidade necessária para agendar as aulas e poder estudar. Meu inglês melhorou muito! Fiquei muito satisfeita com os resultados obtidos e indico sem medo os cursos do EYE!nglish

Tatiane Paschoal

Professora / Universidade de Brasília

I was preparing myself for ielts when I found EYE!nglish on the internet. I took the classes with Thiago Moshe, which is a great teacher and until today helps me and my husband sending great tips on Whatsapp. I’m sure the classes were really important for us to achieve our grades. If you never took the test before don’t think twice about choose EYE!nglish  to prepare yourself.

Lucy Santos

I have to say that EYE!nglish changed my way in terms of studying English and expand my view of the world a lot. It is my pleasure to learn English with them. Teacher Moshe is a clever guy who is connected with many apps which can improve our English all the time and wherever.

Thank you Teacher Thiago Moshe for sharing your knowledge with me. My English now is much better than six years ago for instance.

Marcos Moura


Comecei a fazer as aulas com a finalidade de aprimorar o meu inglês uma vez que havia me formado ha algum tempo. Foi uma grata surpresa, pois as aulas eram super criativas, diferente de tudo que estava acostumada a ver nos cursos tradicionais de inglês. O diferencial do EYE!nglish está no dinamismo, aplicativos usados para motivar o aluno durante e após as aulas e o perfil do professor Thiago, que consegue de forma hábil ajustar tudo conforme a necessidade do aluno. Resumo, o curso é feito sob-medida para o interesse do aluno. Vale cada centavo!

Lidiane Melo

Tecnologista / Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação

I started to have classes with EYE!nglish because of colleague of mine that was having classes with teacher Thiago and she talked to me about the methodology. So I started having classes with a friend in 2009 and then my wife came together just because of our evolution concerning English. We had classes until 2012. I had a very good experience having classes because of the very interesting and dynamic way that the Teacher shows in the classes, the material that they prepared. Nowadays I can read, make a conversation and write in English. For me it was very fast, and I’m very satisfied with the classes that I had. So thank you teacher Thiago! Congratulations for successfully helping other students to learn, improve, enhance and activate their English!

Christopher Braga

/ Caixa Econômica Federal

The teacher is very attentive, it is a great opportunity to have a more personalised teaching!

Amir Miguel

Students describe their success stories on achieving their TOEFL score

Thanks Thiago and EYE!nglish team for the coaching and support for the TOEFL test. I needed a score superior to 100 and this was achieved – 111 – in my first attempt. Wish you success and all the best!

Karime Kalil Machado

Medical Oncologist

I have known Thiago for a long time, but last year was the first time I have asked him to help me improving my English. I was preparing my application for a PhD position in Denmark and needed the TOEFL certification, so I took his preparation course. It was very convenient, since I did all the exercises at home and received his feedback online. The face to face class was also amazing! We were able to practice the exercises and to have an idea of the time constraints during the test. Besides that, he and Aline were so careful in the preparation of the material and the exercises that it made me feel truly appreciated. In the end, I scored 107! Much more than what I needed! Besides being an fantastic human being, he is an incredible teacher!

Erika Portela

PhD Student / Denmark / LinkedIn

My story started in 2012 when preparing myself to apply for a PhD in the U.S. At that time I had only 4 months to get the required TOEFL score, which was 80 points on the IBT. I had an average/good listening skill but very rusty speaking and writing. Thiago Moshe was my teacher, which I prefer to call my professor. Since the first class I took with him I was convinced that EYE!nglish would be the pathway to my success in achieving the foreign language requirement. Thiago always encourage his students and bring to class technology that for sure makes the learning environment much more interesting. I will not even mention how he is passionate about teaching…. you are going to figure this out really quick. After 3 months taking 3 to 4 two-hour classes per week I needed to prove myself on the real deal, the so fearful TOEFL exam. Anyhow, I must be honest, he believed in me more than myself at that time, but the output was great. I got my grade on my first attempt and from there was impossible for me to not believe I was improving fast. Thanks to EYE!nglish! Of course part of the deal is perseverance and commitment with the daily practices and exercises.. After 2 years of my PhD, I have attended several Entomology meetings, giving oral presentations, seminars, and talks on outreach events for a diverse audience. All in all, I feel that EYE!nglish prepared me accordingly to become a successful entomologist in the near future. My deepest regards to all of you, specially to Thiago Moshe. I still owe you big time…

Matheus Ribeiro

Research Assistant and PhD student / Entomology Department of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL)

Students describe their success stories on achieving their IELTS score

Actually I was looking for something online regarding IELTS training and found an ad from EYE!nglish. Took the phone and call Aline, who gave as much information as possible through that phone call, very precise by the way. Right after that I registered for the face-to-face classes which happened within a couple of weeks and in the meantime, Thiago interviewed me via Skype. Despite I hadn’t heard of the school before and had no additional reference, everything was so serious (material, questions, everyday English tips via Whatsapp and so on) that I relaxed and started using everything that was within reach. The course itself was so useful to me , specially Thiago’s experience on the exam – good to mention that I was not aware of it almost at all – and his precious tips regarding the reading and writing parts. The differentials the school has are: extremely friendly and flexible, short-term and effective courses, reasonable prices, great staff and it encourages and prepares you to reach your goals (in my case scoring more than 6.5 in IELTS overall and in each band), uses many information and technology tools that help the students to take an in-depth learning process. Moreover, Thiago knows a lot and takes it too seriously and that is what makes the difference!

José Dória Pupo Neto

Financial analyst / MSc in Finance, Banking and Compliance student / Brazilian National Treasury

I found EYE!nglish through a Google search because I needed to prepare for the IELTS test. I needed to get a 7.0 to be accepted in the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. With the help of Thiago and his team and with the use of materials and exercises tailored to my needs I was able to get a 9.0! If you need to prepare for similar tests or want to boost your English before spending some time abroad, I highly recommend EYE!nglish.

Vilson Marcelo Malchow Vedana

Federal State Attorney

I was preparing for IELTS when I found EYE!nglish on the internet. I took the classes with Thiago Moshe, which is a great teacher and until today helps me and my husband sending great tips on Whatsapp. I’m sure the classes were really important for us to achieve our grades. If you never took the test before don’t think twice about choose EYE!nglish  to prepare yourself.

Lucy Santos

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this review for Thiago and the EYE!nglish team. I met Thiago when I was looking for a tutor to prepare me for the IELTS certificate. I was in a selection process to carry out doctoral research in Queensland University, Australia, and was missing a high score on IELTS. Thiago was an excellent consultant, with an extraordinary knowledge and background, and passed me the knowledge to the test with an admirable didactic and professionalism. His tips and methodology were essential to achieving the score that I needed.

Washington MArtins

Manager / Eletronorte

Students describe their success stories on achieving their SAT score

Nossa Missão

Considerando todos os pontos mencionados acima, nossa missão se resume em: “Teaching Dreams”. Porque para se aprender uma língua, é necessário desenvolver a confiança do aluno acima de tudo e em conjunto com o conhecimento sobre a língua. E esse é o sonho que ensinamos: que é mais do que possível ser um usuário autônomo da língua, com maestria e confiança.

E para chegar nesse nível, são necessários determinação, força de vontade e oportunidade.

Iremos lhe ajudar a “hackear” o seu cérebro para ser um mestre na língua!

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