6 reasons to take our SAT Prep Course

We are passionate

Since its inception, EYE!nglish was created out of an uncontrollable desire to share our knowledge and expertise in teaching English – without the physical barriers of a classroom and taking the knowledge to the cloud.

Knowledge on the cloud

All notes taken by the teacher in class, be it expressions, vocabulary, grammar explanations, pronunciation tips or podcasts, can be retrieved in your mobile phone, tablet or PC using Evernote.


Be it by WhatsApp, Instagram, or Evernote, the teacher is always available to interact with the student, who receives daily English tips on their mobile phone! Its our way of creating an immersion in the target-language and to maximise learning.

Face-to-face or online classes

You decide where is the most suitable place for your classes (at home, work or a café) as well ass the (flexible) schedule of your classes.

Learn test strategies and improve your English

More than teaching how to tackle the SAT test, we have a goal to develop your knowledge in the English language for a successful course in a university abroad.

Develop a passion for English

As we are entrepreneurial souls, we never lacked passion in our company. And with passion, we can develop your love for learning English.

The Language learning TRIPOD

learn how learning takes place in our methodology


by achieving the benchmarks established in the very beginning of each course and consultancy job, you – the learner – become an expert, a master in the English language


as a consequence of mastery, you – now, the master – boost your confidence in speaking and communicating in the language, leading to a higher-than-average level of English


this is the ultimate goal: by making use of all the tools we have in our consultancy job, you – the confident master – is able to improve your English skills on your own, with little or no help from our team.

Cycle Keeps Going

being autonomous leads to a much higher degree of mastery in the English language, what boosts your confidence in using the language in the most effective way. And the cycle keeps going on.

Take your notes everywhere!

EYE!nglish is a proud user of Evernote

The SAT prep-course takes the student in a journey of improving their English language and Math skills. All teaching notes are sent to Evernote, where the student can revise them anywhere they go.

Material baseado na prova oficial

O Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT, é um teste padronizado utilizado pela maioria das faculdades e universidades nos Estados Unidos com a finalidade de selecionar candidatos para seus cursos.

Nas nossas aulas, o aluno aprenderá formas de lidar com o formato da prova, e através de atividades de coaching, o aluno poderá desenvolver suas habilidades de forma exponencial.

We are proud to collect successful stories

Here's what our students have to say about EYE!nglish:

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